Goal Oriented Healthcare is a general internal medicine practice founded by Richard J. O’Neill, MD and Vinay Kamat, MD. We are a pair of motivated, board-certified internists who are interested in helping you reach your health care goals.

We have been trained and readied to deal with a variety of patient issues from common to atypical from straightforward to complex.

We are generalists and diagnosticians of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, cancer, diabetes, digestive diseases, hormonal disorders, infections, kidney diseases, respiratory disorders, allergies, blood diseases, and arthritis.

We are committed to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We bring to our patients an understanding of good health maintenance and wellness including an emphasis on disease prevention, women’s health, nutrition, and exercise.

Our office is open daily Monday through Friday and a half day on Saturday. For specific hours refer to the business information section. We accept patients 14 years of age and older. We accept Medicare Assignment, and most insurance companies.

Please call 1-800-998-GOAL or (314)653-8600 and let us help you reach your goal.


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